We are Sinapsis: The power of identity, making creative links

We are a young and independent consultancy based on Mexico City, focused on Branding Strategy and Design.

Since 2011 we’ve been helping organizations and people from Mexico and some other countries (from many sectors), with communication products and strategic services. We ask them:

Is your business saying who it is & what does it look for?
Does your customers recognize you from a distance?
Are you reflecting your goals to the inside and to the outside?

Is your project user centered designed?
Do you recognize our 10 Design Principles in your project?

Do you know your customer’s likes and needs?
Is your project having the right alliances and tools?


We help organizations to achieve their goals by offering a dose of our design philosophy.

We believe in multidisciplinary collaborations and knowledge exchange to achieve quality solutions.

We see Design Thinking as a way to build a better future for societies.

Every project is a universe of possibilities. The best solutions are made with the most basic technique, the most sophisticated technology or the blend of both.

Our Method

10 design principles by Sinapsis:

1. EthicalIt’s Respectful, looks for the best practices, is transparent, looks for fair economy.

2. With purpose – Evokes a feeling, show a function, it is a problem solver.

3. Rational – Answers the questions with attributes.

4. Top quality – Shows the best possible result in therms of manufacture, delivery and production.

5. Social – Stands the individual as the most important factor, the people as the most important equation, society as the most valuable result.

6. InnovativeIt is the creative integration of multiple worlds to create a new result.

7. Lasting – Survives through time: usage and durability approved.

8. Intuitive – It is universally understood and adaptable. It’s user friendly, has user experience and always consider ergonomics.

9. Sustainable – It is conscious about the life cycles, the process, the social, economical and environmental impact.

10. Local and Global – Works in a single context but could be replicated in another ones within the correct adjustments.